Monday, November 2, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Halloween done. October done. The majority of the year done and man what a year it has been...but it ain't over yet people! The lady is under the weather today (send her positive get well thoughts or I will ninja slice you) which means I too am a little on the groggy side. This weekend included dressing up, boozing with a theatrical crowd and then watching Transformers 2, which by the way was action packed, but rather stoooopid at points. Michael Bay has such of a hard on for the military and a jonesing for racially motivated humor, in the next movie will probably have a coup with a bunch of soldiers in black face. Aww, but the predictable cheese fest of Michael Bay is the least of my concerns, why? The world needs more RAGE!!

Here are your highlights:

Taxpayers lose Goldman wins!

We were right and Krugman writes we are still right, MORE STIMULUS

Mindy White covering "We are Birds"

The blog that inspired me to blog in the first place, Driftglass, is about to hit 2 million views and show your support darnit!

Where I blog aka the Command Center

I received a lot of flack way back when the DHS released its memo regarding potential Right Wing Extremists and it infiltration into the Republican Party...I and many others were serving up a plate of "duh" and it seems not only were we right, but we have to keep reminding people...


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