Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Well today is busy busy busy for ole Frank Chow. I am in finals week for my classes and it is PAIN. Tonight though is Laughing Liberally at the Heartland Cafe which begins at 8pm. If you are lucky enough you might see me in ninja wear rocking to some Anvil! Did anyone catch them on Conan last night? Cuz I did and they rocked! Anywho good friends will be performing including Adam Burke seen above and the wonderful cartoons from HeadzUp oh...and it's Matt's birthday, so headover and show him some love people! Real Uhmerikans would.

Here are your highlights:

Arlington Heights is getting rid of the 40 oz? Dude this is a tragedy, what is suburbanite to go as for Halloween this year if they can't be Thug and Thugette....

The oh so and very "liberally bias" CNN

New Music: Fall of Troy

The strategy is unfolding on Afghanistan, I am personally still stuck on this one, but I do think both the cries for "stop war immediately" and the "more war now" are both misinformed and juvenile. It is good to know we have a President who is actually considering the ups and downs of the debate. Regardless it won't be popular either way.


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Paddy K said...

It's amazing how long impressions last. Despite Lou Dobbs and the clip C&L posted, CNN is SO OFTEN cited when one makes a derogatory comment about FOX News. Due to Ted Turner and their reporting in the 1990's, CNN is going to take a while to shake of the "liberal bias" stigma.

Horrorcore murders in VA = Norwegian black metal murders in the 1990's. Gross.

Fall of Troy: The EP they released recently was better than their third full-length, so I'm of two minds about trying their new album. Doppelganger was SO good, but I feel like they've gotten a bit too musical-masturbation for my taste.