Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Sorry for the absence this morning I am at a conference in downtown Chicago. Needless to say I am learning how to take over the world! The weekend was full of fine tail gating with the lady and enjoyable grilling. One thing that did suck was the I will be surprised if the Skins make it to 4 wins this year if they fail to keep a 15 point lead RRAAAAAGGEEEE!! The Panthers are no world beaters. Light and sucky blogging for the rest of day, so suck on this.

Here are your highlights:

Nobel Prize in economics awarded to a woman! Obviously she is a commie

A brutal Every Time I Die review...but pretty much dead on

Faux News called out by the White House, I enjoy this strategy if you continually badger them, more people start realizing their agenda is of the Republican nuts

LOOK OUT PEOPLE, Housing crisis will not be televised

Krugman: Misguided Monetary Mentalities

Gay Rights advocates marched on Washington
without teabags, but that is sooo "fringe"


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