Monday, October 5, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It was a wonderful weekend, where the lady and I got to experience some theatre, good Tex-Mex with some large margaritas, and Sunday football with friends. This coming weekend we will be heading to Champaign for some tailgating and Illini football. Well mostly tailgating. Above is the latest video from AFI, they don't even look the same anymore...or sound the same...guess they finally realized the Goth Punk look was ruined by Marlyn Manson, yet the music seems more solid than their last couple of endeavors have gone. We will see. Any other good videos out right now? Hit me up!

Here are your highlights:

It's on Ebay: Sarah Palin signed an XBox

Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" a wakeup call for Americans

Obama pushing the Public Option behind the scenes...

Cutest site in the world?

Supreme Court is coming into session with a big decision regarding GUNS PEW PEW

The economy is still in trouble, but we would be in more trouble with Republicans behind the wheel

The Sunday Morning Come Down and why people think we have a LIBERAL BIAS MEDIA I have no fuggin clue


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