Friday, October 9, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

IT IS FRIDAY BITCHESSS!!! This weekend is fitting to be ridonkulous, tonight is the National Conference for Drinking Liberally leaders at Sheffield's. Stop on by if you can! Saturday, the lady and I will be going to Champagne,IL for some tail gaiting for the homecoming of the Illini. Can't wait! In other news, the terrorist sympathizer, wussy Prez Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, how awesome is that? Well it is quite a surprise, but it does show how the world actually enjoys foreign diplomacy and an shift in attitude by the United States. I already love the wingnut outrage over this and as we know the Nobel Peace Prize has a well known liberal bias. With all that... you know talk of peace, negotiations and anti-torture rhetoric it is DIABOLICAL! Hitler! Socialism! New World Order! I am not sure what Obama will have to do in his years to come to get any applause from the Right, but I think the first step is not being liked by the international community, I mean who would want that?

Here are your highlights:

The Public Option "option" the latest and perhaps the game changer in the Senate health care proposal

The biggest story of the year: Showgirls the Sequel


Don't Ask Don't Tell, this is how messed up this policy is...every roid raging neanderthal to book nerd loves the lesbian porn or eggs girls onto kiss in their "drunken nights out", but if lesbians are in the military GIVE THEM THE BOOT! Such a violation of human rights within our armed services is embarrassing (p.s. Lt. Dan Choi rocks this debate).


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