Friday, October 2, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Hello Friday! Where did this week go? Well all the talk in Chicago is of course the Olympics. The Obamas both went and made pitches as well as the Queen of Chicago Oprah, it is all the buzz that we are the clear choice. I would chalk that up to good ole America fugg yeah optimism, but we will see in two hours. I for one am still not sold the Daleympics will be clean and uncorrupted, but my biggest concern it more gentrification proposed in the plan. Daley has this wonderful way of just pushing real and local issues farther South and just pretending it is not there. If Chicago does get the bid, then let's hope it has memories like Los Angeles and have the feel of how the Olympics should be...and we fix the unprecedented violence that we have today.

Here are your highlights:

Will 2010 be another 1994?

No matter what the Right says, the Jews think Obama is all right

You stay classy Sen. John Ensign, more damaging evidence of his illegal actions

Man I remember when challenging the US's invasion into Iraq was considered treasonous and unpatriotic, Sen. Jim Demint and gang get ALL TREASONOUS ON THE WHITEHOUSE going to Honduras

Mission not Accomplished, unemployment and the case for more economic intervention

I think Governor Sanford, Ensign and Vitter loves this Website Map

Don't Ask Don't Tell gets some movement and positive movement at that. Time for this stupid and hurtful policy to lay to rest. Ignorance and fear can only win for so long


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