Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicago Olympic Bid FAIL

Chicago Tribune:

Chicago has been eliminated from Olympic balloting in the early rounds of voting by the International Olympic Committee, a stunningly swift defeat for the U.S. bid personally pitched by President Barack Obama.
Minutes later, Tokyo also was eliminated.
Rio de Janeiro and Madrid are now left seeking approval to host the 2016 Summer Games. The host city is to be announced around noon Chicago time.
To some observers, it appeared that Chicago's bid had been fast gathering momentum in the last week. Daley and others began to show their confidence as one piece after another fell into place. From First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey's early commitments to travel with them to Copenhagen, to President Barack Obama's late decision to go, to bad news trickling out about the Rio's bid, indicators looked to be going Chicago's way.
But members of the International Olympic Committee are known for being unpredictable, even impulsive, when they gather to pick a host city.
And in 2016, it won't be Chicago.
The 2016 Summer Games were to be Mayor Richard Daley's legacy. Now the mayor comes home to face recession-driven budget woes and concerns about violence that plague Chicago, without the ability to change the public dialogue to Olympics talk.
Daley and his Olympic bid team will now have to decide whether to regroup and try again for the 2020 Games. Conventional wisdom in Chicago cuts against extending the effort, partly because the bid has been so closely tied to Daley. At 67, the mayor's political plans may not include remaining in office long enough to see through another run at the Games.

Phew. But out in the 1st round, no wonder they sent Oprah and the Obamas, it was a desperate last attempt.

For all the people that will pin this on Obama hear this from a Chicagoan. This was Mayor Daley's Olympics. The Daleympics was his last attempt to distract Chicago from his corruption, the parking meters, the violence and his mishandling of the government. The President did what was asked of him, make an effort to get his home city and the country the Olympics at the last minute (remember he is the President of the UNITED STATES). He isn't connected to Daley, their relationship has been distant at best. So no matter what people say, this is Daley's fail and I honestly think it's a good thing.

Maybe now we can focus on Chicago and getting our city back on track, but would I have loved to see the temper tantrum of Dar Mayor.

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