Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michael Moore Calls Out ABC on ABC

From Huffington Post:

Michael Moore called out ABC on "Good Morning America" Wednesday for employing "permalancers," permanent freelancers who are effectively full-time employees but hired on a contract basis, and thus not extended any benefits.
"I'm talking to employees, people backstage here, they don't get to be real employees here because they don't get the benefits, so they're freelancers," Moore told Chris Cuomo.
"And I said 'Guy, I was here two years ago and you were a freelancer' — right backstage here at ABC — he said, 'We call ourselves permalancers now. They don't get to share in just the basic benefits that an employee used to have who worked here. What's wrong with that? What is wrong with just giving people basic things for their hard work?"

I know that Michael Moore is a villain and evil leftist to the Right and even some in the middle, but having known family in the industry this was great to see. ABC has had a long battle with Unions and when Disney took over it became ugly, virulent and unethical at times. Mickey Mouse isn't as nice as he seems. The villanizing of American Unions by the Right has been quite a shame and what is even worse is the mainstream media (ABC is not the only one with contract problems) perpetuating such a standard. We should be thanking Unions for 40 hrs work weeks, pension plans and numerous other benefits. ABC has had layoffs, cutbacks, slashed salaries and overtime decimated. Michael Moore in one brief moment stood up for working Americans and families more than the Right and the Republican Party has ever done (Employee Free Choice Act, Mininum wage debate, smearing of Unions), hate him all you want, but he gets a FRANK APPROVED.

His latest movie: Capitalism: A Love Story

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

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