Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Thank Jebus for Hump Day! I had Monday off and I still want the heck out of this week. Everyone is posting this video, but more should and that is why I share it with you. Here are comedians and actors putting all the NO of the Republican party to waste in two minutes. It is amazing how comedy can really point out how silly our political discourse has gotten these past months. Comedians do have the ability to tell it like it is and our forum is quite larger than the Right would like to give credit to...John Stewart ring a bell? The public option is far from being dead.

Here are your highlights:

Afghanistan as Therapy

Timmeh attempts to do some good, Consumer Protection Agency is a start - you can't get more common sense than that

Beason, IL "In Cold Blood"

Single Payer to be scored by the CBO? WHAT LOGIC? WHAT SINGLE PAYER? THANK JEBUS!!!! This will be interesting to see how the CBO scores this plan...

All right next time I go home I am going to visit Eric Cantor's office and explain the public option with puppets and drawings so HE CAN FUGGIN GET IT

Rep. Jim Bunning from Kentucky sums up how the Republicans really feel about health care reform. I hope the DNC runs with this, I hope the White House runs with this, I hope they point this out every time anyone screams for bipartisanship or fuzzy warm Capital Beltway feelings. This is how the Republicans have treated the deabte. Lots of noise and still asleep at the wheel.


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