Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

It is a Wednesday which means most of my time will be spent doing super cool awesomeness at work...I have come to the conclusion that the Right is just plain batshit wingnut racist crazy. Nothing else can explain them trying to run with a Matt Drudge story about a "white kid getting beaten by black kids" and it is all Obama's fault. You don't have to go too far back in memory to see how race plays a part in American politics and divides our country. And since the election of Barack Obama, heck since he was nominated, the crazies, nativists and extremists have come out of the bunkas screaming "gubbament takeover!" These aren't your garden variety racists, no hoods or burning crosses (yet) they are your 2000 racists and they are openly being coddled by the Republican Party.

Here are your highlights:

Max Baucus come on down, you are next contestant on the Republican Party of No!

In Chicago 2016 there WILL BE A DALEYMPICS or else and btw taking taxpayer money too

Obama vs. Wall Street - if you thought Tea Baggers could throw hissy fits...

Where the Wild Things Are: the movie, can't wait and with every trailer and little insight given in early articles this might meet my expectations. If I walk out feeling happier than I walked in, I will consider it a success. And thank Jebus Spike Jonze didn't rely solely on CGI, THANK YOU!


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