Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

So tomorrow the lady I and start our annual vacation, Labor Day PEOPLE! We will be on a boat having a splendid time with family and friends, so expect light and even suckier blogging. Tonight, however we will be spending a grand ole time at Laughing Liberally in ninja costumes (aka street wear) and enjoying cartoons by HeadzUp and the comic timing of many friends. It should be a ruckus. If you get a chance come on out!

Here are your highlights:

Every Time I Die's new album releases Sept. 15, early reviews IT IS AWESOME

The US was made up of MONSTERS and now Eric just wants to hold up a mirror

GOP's Self-fulling Prophecy, the gubbament doesn't work because when we run da gubbament it gets all fugged up and stuff

Best or worst alarm clock idea ever, it will call your friends randomly till you wake up...

The South and the West are most likely to oppose health care reform that would help them, no really

The US economy is getting a lift from the Stimulus programs, yet Eric Cantor GOP Whip says we should just forget about it. This shows how out of touch, how stupid Cantor and his flock are, the WSJ of all people is letting the world know STIMULUS WORKS (although they do have a lovefest with bansk) and Cantor says let's just stop the only thing really helping our current economy from hitting rock bottom. Tell me again, what they actually stand for?


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