Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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Well helloooo America! I was off yesterday to perform in an awesome read through of a play last night. It was truly exciting and an amazing experience. More to come on that as I am certain the play is to go in full effect next year (cross fingers). What did I miss? Anybody? The President was on Letterman and apparently funny, yet if you read this morning's slab, he WAS THE ANTI-CHRIST! I love opening up my local slab that plays itself off as a paper and then gives audience to right wing memes like "he doesn't want to answer HARD questions", "Obama is desperate," and something aching to to "Obama is struggling to get majority support." When 72% became not a majority I don't know, but the local slab thinks it is a heck of a critique. And some wonder why health care reform has taken so long to get done in America...

Here are your highlights:

The Cubs get stupid at the end of the season and blame Milton Bradley for everything, yes he had a mediocre season, but telling the truth doesn't deserve suspension


Dear stupid and tired GOP, Where's the Bill?

Bill Clinton: "Not all people who oppose Obama are racist", some hate the fact he defeated their wife in the primary...all I have to say is the Republicans have brought this upon themselves and if you go to a town hall meeting or a protest for tea bags it is clear there is a deep seeded racism in some of these people. Nothing Jimmy Carter said was controversial and nothing Bill Clinton said is untrue, some both left and right have valid arguments. Poof, discussion over.


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