Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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It is time to buckle down people. It is Tuesday, get a big whopping cup of Dunkin and buckle down because health care reform is just around the corner and the RAGE is a comin! The gloves have been off since last week, but now the gloves are coming doubly off of offness officity. Don't get it? Max Douchus is readying to unleash his floppy and flacid finance committee bill and then it is moving time. Frank will be staying up in the wee late hours to make art that best describes the bill (most likely a big pile of poop.) Other than that Mike Vick is one week closer to starting for the Eagles, the Bears are not as screwed as people think and new Death Cab for Cutie song.

Here are your highlights:

The Economic Recovery will not be televised as much as some might think

Glenn Beck gets Mythbusted

Animals fighting with Lightsabers, I will start my own renditions stat

Annie Le remembered and the case is getting close to an interesting conclusion, it was an inside job

Obama does not want to keep America safe from terrorists....except he actually does and IS DOING THE JOB BUSH NEVER DID

The "Old South" argument is a sad state of affairs, Rep. Steve King defends Rep. Joe Wilson and his love for all things Confederacy, surprisingly no heads exploded when they mentioned the Confederacy without mentioning the South seceded and were treasonous. God I love "real patriots"


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