Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It is Tuesday already? Phew, and thank you lord Jebus for Labor day and an amazing weekend with the lady and her family. Nothing better than reflecting and enjoying the lake. (By the way effin cold when you jump in it) Well ladies and gents it is crunch time, time for progressives to get the push going and fight back against the stupid. The really stupid and the stupider. It is gloves off rage this week and you should expect nothing less.

Here are your highlights:

Max Baucus runs for Village Idiot in September

I know a great idea, let's interview one of the assholes who caused the financial collapse and have him say he IS NOT FUGGIN SORRY, Richard Fuld fullfills my preconceived notion that he is an asshole and always will be

More and more schools prove what we already knew, our educational system is in dire risk of failing and parents are stupid

The health care debate is back in full effect and the President is speaking tomorrow. With all the confusion and misinformation out there... This is the President Barack Obama we need to get up in front of Congress. We need leadership, we need change and we need to quit letting the crazies win over logic. America can afford nothing less.


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