Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

By God, it's Thursday already...BIG FUGGIN PHEW. I have been exhausted all week and staying up late to photoshop, the awesomeness below didn't help either. BUT THAT IS ART! Speaking of art Tom Tomorrow sums up pretty much how I have felt during this faux race debate. I know I will be raging soon and breaking desks over the next moronic thing out of Beck's, Limbaugh or even a a Senator mouth about the uppity, terrorist, boy President, but *sigh. Nothing will surprise me, I say just let out all hang out. This weekend I will be performing again the Chicago, so check your local listings aka the Reader.

Here are your highlights:

The Jobless, it would be nice if the MSM started caring

Putting things in perspective, Victory on Preventive Detention

Is this cool or sad waste of time? R2-D2 game station

Paramore let's you get a sneak preview of their upcoming album, hitting stores Sept. 29th

The Obama Gambit: Sullivan explains foreign policy to the Villagers and asks a great question, "what is wrong with engaging foreign powers as equals rather than subordinates?"


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