Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

It is Thursday and WOOHOO, the lady is coming back from a short business trip. Can't wait to be back to normal land, yes she keeps me normal...insert sappy music above...In other news RIOT comedy is tonight at Chicago Joe's. If you are in Chicago and want some laughter hit it up. It will be funny and the women who run that room are legit. So what's the big deal about ACORN? What is so new that the Right has to HATE them even more than they did during the election, well only right wing Republicans can love prostitutes that is what pisses them off. Can we please just stop giving these nutjobs the time of day? It is 1997 alllll over again.

Here are your highlights:

Dancing with the Czars more political games and less time spent actually getting stuff done, WINGNUTTIA!!!

The murder of Annie Le, Yale Student, Cops now have a suspect in custody

Obama is using the force to combat Darth Cheney?

Daily Awesome, new METAL \m/ Converge

Cave Monster in Panama and no that is not the latest single from Van Halen

Here is the real truth about health insurance providers, a firm canceled a 17 year old's coverage after celiac disease diagnosis. Max Baucus are you even paying attention? Republicans are you even paying attention? Blue Dogs, are YOU FUGGIN paying attention? This is the status quo you so righteously defend


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