Monday, September 14, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It was a wild and crazy weekend in sports and politics. Overall I was relaxed and enjoyed a nice time doing basic things I normally don't get to do, like hanging out with the lady and watching football. Alas others had a little crazier weekend covered in freedom flags and holding signs more disgusting than their discourse. I am talking about the right wing extremists known as the Tea Baggers *eliminationists. I caught some of the slop on CSPAN, but they never panned out to show the entire "two million" that attended. I am from DC and I know what a crowd looks like there when it reaches "two million" NOT EVEN CLOSE! Amongst all the fail there was one brave man who with the help from local socialist police force members made a quiet yet poignant statement, had those cops not been there I am sure he would have been eaten alive. God Bless America and thank Jebus we have a President who is now realizing, these teabaggers want nothing to do with anything remotely involving helping the sick.

Here are your highlights:

Sam Yoon for Mayor in Boston regardless if he wins or not he has a bright future in politics

Darth Cheney gets PWN'D by former Marines, his advocay for torture is irresponsible

Bears fan get dealt a crushing blow, Brian Urlacher out for the season

Speaking of Chicago, Blago's adviser Christopher Kelly died over the weekend of an overdose, just before he was to serve a prison sentence

Kanye West, douche of douchiness, LOL Lady Gaga, seriously it was like she went through every piece of Andrew Lloyd memorabilia she owned and attached it to a curtain used in the background of a Madonna video....

The Right is never Right and if you want to read an brutal and epic essay on our country's demise politically after 9/11 look no further


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