Friday, September 25, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Nerd Alert: Halo Ultimate Legends, the new anime series! Now I am more of a Playstation guy, but anytime a video game goes into anime, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. This looks like it has potential and could be fun to watch. Especially with major Pew Pew action, h/t to Geekologie, who once spent five hours playing Halo is his mom's basement while making out with a hot ex-cheerleader of the Dallas Cowboys. In other news show tonight and rocking out all weekend, the lady and I also got to watch Flash Forward last night, the new show on ABC. Let me tell you something WOAH! COOOOLL!! For a first episode lots to work with, some cheese, but overall I dig it.

Here are your highlights:

The Daleympics keeps getting more and more clear, he wants to make money for him and his friends and Daley isn't even subtle about it

Muslim Americans will be marching for a day of prayer on Capitol Hill today, the Right is going nuts, that a) they are Muslim and b) know how to count their crowds

Time TO WAKE UP, the Public Option is all over the place and here is a nice tab dump

REDSKINS GO REDSKINS HAIL TO VICTORY, if we don't light up Detroit, I will head the Zorn is questionable campaign

Paul Krugman warns us, if you thought the health care debate was stupid, Climate Change will get worse. It's not Easy Being Green


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