Friday, September 18, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

IT IS FRIDAY!! Yes start your engines, get your booze, do whatever it is you do because Fall is here. This is great because football is in full effect and the leaves start changing to those Virginia oranges, yellows and reds. Us in Chicago know that this might only last a week or two, so we will cherish this season as long as we have it. Fall also brings bang up stand-up comedy as shows pop up everywhere and comedians start hitting the college circuit. Above is a video of C.J. Sullivan who has been in the comedy scene in Chicago since I relocated here from D.C. He also is host on the much touted Visitors Locker Room, a hilarious take on sports, life and comedy.

Here are your highlights:

Selective Deficit Disorder, our politicians have got it up to the ear

Media Matters has been keeping the blowhards in check, especially about this "post-racial" America pile of turd

Oh this is funny, so funny 75% of Oklahoma high school students can't name the 1st President, psssttt look at the dollar bill

Bankers Lose one? A good policy shift for student loans

Everything on Capital Hill would go much better if they could wear Bottle Opener Ties

A little self-promotion, I have started a Flickr page, which currently has a slide show of Frank Chow Art. Take a look see, more to come!


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