Friday, September 11, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

There will be a lot of different tributes today as we all remember Sept 11th. Many will show videos of the actual tragic events or do personal accounts, yet I am not sure anyone knows what it all means anymore. I have posted this song before with simply an acoustic version, Thrice is simply amazing in this performance and they accomplish what I always try to do myself when I write songs. It makes me think of the past eight years and wonder what are we doing? The White House is asking for a day of service while others want us to remember only the evil. I have been rather adamant that I feel we should move forward and that using 9/11 as a product has been to our detrimant, regardless we will never forget. And most likely we will always be divided on how to remember.

Here are you highlights:

Then and Now with Goofus and Gallant, Tom Tomorrow might be the best there is...

If you recall the Republic Windows sit in then this CEO is real EVIL

Dems Heckling Bush much different the Joe KKKarolina Wilson

Are you ready for some Redskins Football?

WTF is wrong with people?!!!!!!!, 70 yeard old Asian man beaten, robbed and kicked in a dry river

The military is working on Airless Tires


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