Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Ferner Tour starring Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin

Because nothing says "we care about brown and yellow people" like starting an outreach program and giving a speech on socialist soil!

Random Brown Guy Interviewee: Thanks so much Newt now I know what real Americano is about, I just have to speak perfect English, lighten my skin and go accept a great minimum wage without health care!

Random Yellow Guy Interviewee: Thanks so much Sarah us Chinese love your humor and hatred for the black President. You have so much to teach us about business and ferner policy and missiles from Russia. By the way thanks doubly for patting all us "short guys" on the head, we just love your affection.

It is this disingenuous slop that turns off minority voters from the dying cesspool known as the Republican Party. Two fire breathing wing nuts completely incensed and driven by an underlining entitlement to everything. They are infamous for spreading lies, rumors and constantly distorting facts while never "cow-towing" to the minority voter. BUT NOWW!!! OHH NOWW!!! Who ever called anyone a terrorist? Who ever called anyone illegal aliens? Who ever played the border games? Who ever warned about selling our children's future to China?

Newt Gingrich champion anti-immigration, heck let's just says it, hater of all things color, now wants to reach out to the group he has been systematically trying to push out of the country for years. Newt has come up with "Americano", America...what? Add an "o" at the end and sure we can all just forget.

Gingrich Communications has launched The Americano, a bilingual political news site aimed at Latinos that "will seek to make a profit from advertising." It is being run by Sylvia Garcia, his director of Hispanic outreach. To repeat: It is bilingual. You can choose to get your news in English or in Spanish, a choice that Newt Gingrich—the man whose company is launching this web site—believes is corrosive to our culture:

"Allowing bilingualism to continue to grow is very dangerous," Gingrich said in Atlanta. "We should insist on English as a common language. . . . That's what binds us together."

That's from 1995, when Gingrich was defending his massive cuts to bilingual education and support for English-only legislation. As recently as 2007, he repeated the sentiment, saying Spanish people should stop speaking the "language of living in the ghetto," i.e., Spanish, the language of The Americano, of which he is the publisher.

In fact, according to the site's "principles," the editors of The Americano "will..renew our commitment to American values, language and history as the prerequisite for U.S. citizenship." You can read that in Spanish here. So it's basically a web site for illegal immigrants. To yell at them

Followed by the ever enlightening zealot..excuse me I mean patriot, the Moose Hunter's Wife, Sarah Palin. A woman so wise as to march in CHINA to say these very words as if they are without irony, "We're not interested in government fixes, we're interested in freedom." Psstt. Sarah, Hong Kong is a territory of the People Republic of China, despite its "one country, two systems" mantra, they aren't really whispering freedom all nilly willy like. Oh and don't tell them that whole you can see Russia from your backyard in Alaska thing...AND WHAT IS SHE DOING TALKING ABOUT FINANCES? Didn't we learn from the election process how unqualified she is to complete a sentence, let alone address economic and financial policies. I am sorry no amount of winking can help Miss Caribou get out of her wildly stupid assement saying the government can't fix things ( a lack of government regulation lead to the financial collapse) and Obama is to blame. Psst. He isn't a terrorist SARAH!

So America you do have one thing to look forward to the "Ferner Tour" where Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich travel the Earth with their fellow wing nuts to assimilate the "Ferners." Good luck with that.

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