Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blue Dogs Just Don't Care About Health Care

I said this before and I will say it again, they just don't care.

Via Huff Post:

A coalition of Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee joined together Tuesday to defeat a public health insurance option.
Five Democrats joined with all the Republicans on the committee to reject an amendment by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) in a 15-8 vote.
Three Democrats then joined the Republicans to defeat a second public-option proposal. By a vote of 13-10, the committee rejected an amendment by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).

WHAT ARE THEY THERE FOR? What part of cost efficient and better for the American people don't they understand? And all this time wasted with Max "Insurance Cash" Baucus doing what's best with the Gang of Six, the fugger didn't even try. Didn't vote on principal, he says "we won't get the votes on the floor."

Senator Baucus voted against both the Rockefeller and the Schumer amendments because, he said, the public option doesn't have the votes to pass the Senate.

First, echoing Beutler, does he mean to suggest that he's never voted for a bill in committee that didn't have a chance of passing on the floor? Max Baucus is psychic!

Second, this Baucus prediction isn't necessarily true. Healthcare reform with the public option can pass with 50-plus-Biden. Breaking the filibuster prior to that vote needs 60. And does Baucus seriously believe there are Democrats who are willing to filibuster with the crazy Republicans and against the first healthcare reform bill in a generation? I don't think so.

And finally, the fact remains that a final, post-conference bill won't pass the House without the public option. At least not currently.

So if Baucus was really interested in passing a bill and getting it to the president's desk, he should've voted for the public option amendments today.

The upshot is that we all know the real reason why Baucus voted the way he did. His corporate bosses paid him to vote 'no'.

This is plain as day. You can drag people sick, tired, dying and suffering and he would ask them to go through a committee, an extension of hearing and at least 1 Republican hand job before giving these people care! Health CARE!

But as Bob said, this isn't over, there are many ways the Public Option survives and gets stronger. Breaking the filibuster is merely the first step and then into reconciliation....where talks might get tough, but we are talking about the general welfare. There is still hope, but can we just go head and say it, the Blue Dogs and Republicans never really gave a damn in the first place. Especially Max Fakeus.

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