Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wingnuttia Love Fest, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck

FOX News' Glenn Beck is doing an extraordinary job this week walking America behind the scenes of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and outlining who is actually running the White House.

Monday night he asked us to invite one friend to watch; tonight I invite all my friends to watch.

-Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin. The be all and end of political Facebook relevancy with her death panels and roaming hills of Alaska has now spoken and all must listen!


Sarah Palin now returns to her heli where she can pot shot wolves from high above to leave the wolves for dead. Sarah Palin then turns water into moonshine gets schmammered and cozy with Todd to put her legs up in front of the one eyed monster. The teevee is powerful and Sarah Palin implores you to...


Sarah Palin will now with the magic of main stream media stupid get all 33 or so advertisers back on the Glenn Beck show. Because (wink, wink, wink) Obama and his conspiracy to take down one of the leaders of Wingnuttia will not go unnoticed and Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and all the troops will save Glenn Beck by telling everyone to...


The planet of Wingnuttia is strong is this one and many wing nuts will follow *slamheadondesk

I am Frank Chow and I approvedt this message

Update: Glenn Beck connects all the dots

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