Friday, August 14, 2009

Rep. Joseph Cao leaning towards Health Care Reform

Via Huff Post:

In a public forum defined as much by passionate declarations on abortion as by statements about health care policy intricacies, U.S. Rep. Ahn "Joseph" Cao, R-New Orleans, said Thursday that he "leans" toward supporting the House Democrats' vision of a medical system overhaul provided it won't pay for procedures to end pregnancy. "The word is 'leaning, ' " he repeated to about 150 people gathered at an Irish Channel Neighborhood Association meeting, the first of four planned public forums for Cao during the August recess.

This has been developing for sometime now. Cao has mentioned before that he may switch parties ala Arlen Specter and his announcement he is actually "leaning" towards health care reform is a good sign. Louisianna has a passion for seeing reform in Cao's district, let's hope he doesn't get scared into believing his constituents want something else. This will be interesting to watch as Cao is known for his ability to relate to people and his charisma. Also if you have time read the comments as it is good summary of the misinformation of the debate and some decent stories in there too.

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