Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michelle Malkin's Classy Attack on a Kid

Michelle “always classy” Malkin is now attacking a child. Eleven years old. Let me repeat that eleven years old. She has called out this girl’s mother and this girl’s mother’s job. What’s next a house visit? Can’t put it past Michelle “inside scoop” Malkin! RAAAGGE!!!!

Time to strap on my ninja gear and practice my ragetastic ability to break bricks with my pinky! Rage! Brick! Break! Chuck Norris has nothing on me!

What is wrong with this woman? And why oh why does she call this Kabuki? So already knew she hated blacks and the Japanese, but now kids? And where was she when GW planted and planted and planted his townhalls or heck even John McWarVeteran! NOWHERE! NOT A FUGGIN POST!

But the real point is why is she going after a kid, an eleven year old girl? Many other people asked questions, although I doubt Michelle would have as poignant of a question to ask other than “you and your wife are cronies of liberal corruption?” and then have fire come out of her mouth before announcing she sold her soul to Ann Coulter for a book deal. This is an eleven year old girl excited to ask a question and Malkin decides its time to try to discredit an ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL followed by a reader talking about debate. They don’t want a debate because they have no valid argument, so they rip apart a girl who at a young age gets to ask the President a question. Shame on her, at eleven she should already be marching in tea parties wearing tee shirts that say “abortion is murder” with a scope, or a nice shirt about “liberty and freedom and guns at town halls over Obamacare” or holding a sign that says “Obama is Kenyan.” Forget letting them grow up and decide for themselves or actually letting them read a history book not authored by Glenn Beck or Mark Levin. Nope just keep feeding them right wing extreme ideas, give them a shotgun and let nature take its course.

Frank just broke twelve bricks the size of Rush Limbaugh’s ego bitchessss!

It is sad though because as Eric Boehlert points out, this could mean making this ELEVEN YEAR OLD girl’s life a little less safe and Michelle Malkin one step closer to getting that thrown of Queen Teabagger.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

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