Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

It was a nice and much deserved day off yesterday if I do say so myself. Topped off by a nice night with the Drinking Liberally crew. Apparently I missed a whole lots a bullshizz about torture and more horrible lies about health care. So it was Tuesday as to be expected. Sadly though I woke up this morning and heard of the passing of Ted Kennedy. He will truly be missed and hopefully his legacy will carry health care reform through. It was his final bow on a great and storied career. We need more like Ted Kennedy these days. Rest in Peace.

Here are your highlights:

Danyl Johnson is all the rage, fuggin amazing

It is called torture and it is back in the news and it is despicable

Talk about civil discourse, this is how bad it has gotten, Colorado Democratic Headquarters vandalized...

I have stated this since the beginning of the this blog, there are crazy people, insane and nutsos who will never accept Barack Obama as President of the United States. Giving them council, letting them weed their conspiracies into many debates is detrimental to democracy in America and it is frightening. If there is to be any hope in the Republican party, they must distance themselves from the fringe or expect to be held responsible when something god awful happens.


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