Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

It is HUMP DAY ya'll. And what do I wake up to? Stupid Chuck Todd telling me the President's numbers are dropping. Dropping. His presidency is already over. Oh wait, after Chucky said the president's approval rating was down, he talked about health care and all the misinformation. Then we saw all those angry mobs, but what about all those people SUPPORTING health care reform not a peep. We wonder why the president's numbers are down, moron's like Chucky, who run the story line that the President is down, without highlighting how misinformed the public is regarding the plan. Death panels, health care to illegal immigrants, losing your insurance all of these were people fears, ALL NOT PART OF THE PLAN. No wonder Obama is having such a hard time, he can't even get a bone. Thank god though for people like Barney Frank, who treats the town hall crazies like they should be treated.

Here are your highlights:

It is time for the White House to WAKE THE FUGG UP! Ditch the bipartisan crap they aren't going to vote for it anyway

Brett Favre comes back AGAIN and wins the award for douche bag of the year

The Preamble to the Constitution in License Plates: note the wording "promote the general welfare"

Right wing extreme, still as nuts as the 90's

Swiss banks to hand over the accounts, this might get ugly or it might just be soft slap on the wrist, but once those accounts are released expect some names to come out that will piss off Americans. I know these people will be treated like the royalty they perceive themselves to be, now if they were Wesley Snipes....or Richard Hatch.....


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