Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Ho hum and bottle of booze. Tonight is Laughing Liberally in Chicago at the No Exit Cafe 8pm, it will be starring a great cast of comedians and acts and guess what it is FREE!! Yeahhhh boyyyy!! It will also feature the awesome cartoons of HeadzUp TV and some comedian buddies of mine who are really talented. If you don't think so than you are worse than Hitler...hahaha isn't that funny, I mentioned Hitler and then you just because we disagree man oh man I kill myself. Dude had a funny mustache like YOUR FACE. Oh Adolf still a great way to have a discussion. Anyhow, I will be there in ninja garb and on a personal note if your lady makes you an awesome dinner you bring the wine my friends you bring the wine.

Here are your highlights:

My childhood consisted of playing guns with cardboard and building blocks, not trampolines with basketball like courts *Sigh

More classy Repubs Reps saying the stimulus is failure while taking credit for all the good the stimulus is doing and please take the advice from these people when it comes to TEA BAGGERS

Olbermann ordered to be silent about Bill O....we know the media is corrupt and driven by corporations, but this whole debacle shows how we can't trust a DAMN THING

Misunderstanding of the Hate Crime law

Finally Nate Silver weighs in on Health Care in a "calm the fugg down" kind of way. See normally I would be raging at that, but this is Nate Silver who had the election results down to the slimmest margin. No else is as accurate let's hope he is right again.



Paddy K said...

Dude, everyone on the news is gushing over the two journalists story about seeing Pres. Clinton when they walked into the room.

Am I bad person because I'm not tearing up while watching this? Or is this MSNBC anchors/analysts trying to out-emote each other and milking the situation?

Asian-American Pundit said...

It was a big deal in the Asian community APAFP has been following from day one. You don't have to tear up, but the only real thing is that they are home and safe.

So if you hadn't been following it closely, I could see why you are not teary. MSNBC and all the other stations are into fear the yellow people mode, so Bill Clinton going into enemy territory made them cry.


Paddy K said...

Don't want to give the impression that I'm not glad they're back or that I'm not impressed by Bill Clinton's efforts. It's great that he got them home and all the manufactured concern about "what we lost" in the deal is garbage.