Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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Oh Tuesday how I love how at the end of the work day I know their a pint waiting for me at Drinking Liberally. Drinking Liberally where discussion, civil discourse and hilarity ensues with intelligent, diverse and insightful beings chill over brews. Basically that is what I am doing tonight and looking forward to it, hippies, scum sucking, socialist, pinko jerks all of them. Last night was great as I began the first of what is to be many Frank Chow Art Gallery pieces. Entitled "Death Panel 2009." Let me know your thoughts more will sure come out of this creative ninja fingers. So rock you crazy diamonds rock on.

Here are your highlights:

The professional basketball color barrier breaker, Wat Misaka

Nintendo better prototype this in kinky Japan first, Inflatable Horse Controller of sorts- plain weird

GOP re-branding FAIL

People of Faith for Health Care Reform, wait isn't that exactly what the GOP re-branding effort was...faith based?

THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!! Oh wait that's a meteor shower oooohhh

Specter is reminded why he is now a Democrat, hate to say I told you so, but I did. This might be happening more often. Arlen Specter gets the ball rolling and now more and more will jump ship, or just plain retire. Balance is good in America, extremism not so much.


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