Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

As lawmakers and shakers are getting to take time off to rest their penny loafers, it is imperative we continue to push forward for health care reform. Olbermann has thrown a good right hook to the chin of the Blue Dogs and corporate pirates in Congress and it is great momentum. Health care reform is both important for humanity in America, but also our check books. On another note tomorrow is Laughing Liberally, all should go, it is at 8pm at the No Exit Cafe and will be full of socialist, commie scum ready to laugh about spreading the wealth. Tuesday looks to be another really friggin busy day for me, but I will try to get in some points about our debates and of course the right wing tom-foolery.

Here are your highlights:

Bill Clinton is meeting with N. Korea for the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee

Mob harrassment at the unintended consequences, this is a solid point just like the Palin rallys off put independents these tea baggers might just do the same thing, they are a bunch of Hooligans these ones

Liz Cheney just as vile as her father, YEAH I SAID IT SO WHAT? SHE FUGGIN SUCKS

Like a bunch of Goodfellas who just robbed a bank, Goldman ssshh don't spend your bonuses so quickly, there is something really wrong with America today and only financial and TOUGH financial regulation can subside a culture so void of ethics

And one final note, if you wonder why President Barack Obama is going gray it is simple, 30 death threats a day. Frightening.


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