Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Yesterday was an odd one, but ended up with a great evening with friends, Sushi (did you know Sushi was Japanese?) and wine. It was pleasant outside and calm. One interesting tid bit I received yesterday was a tweet from a disgruntled conservative who said "Most Asian I know are bright, what happened to you?" It prompted me to respond "I try my best not to fit stereotypes, but thanks for filling mine about conservatives!" I am not sure what got him so riled up to actually ask me something like that, but I thought Mike Park of the great Asian Man Records would be a fitting response. If you are unfamiliar with Mike Park he has been for the past 20 years or so one of the most influential independent artists and entrepreneurs of our generation. In 1996 he founded Asian Man Records which has a catalog of phenomenal bands and Plea for Peace Tour. It is guys like Mike Park that inspired me to start getting involved, breaking stereotypes and finding a voice in this great big world. So yeah I thank Mike Park and to you disgruntled conservative "I don't want to be your Asian Prodigy."

Here are your highlights:

A poll of Huh? about the Town Hall Protesters and Nate Silver as always on top of it

Mayor Mao Daley still trying to bring in the Olympics to Chicago with his dirty ways, with his backdoor deals and unconsciable approach to the actual citizens of Brownsville. Would you expect anything less? I am not sold on the Olympics being good for Chicago and by how everything is already run here, the Olympics is going to look really fuggin cool, but cause the residents a permanent pain in the ass


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