Monday, August 31, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It was a cool fall weekend in Chicago this weekend. Friday kicked off the weekend with a bang, as the lady and I enjoyed dinner with friends and new friends at the delicious Chilam Balam. It is a new BYOB joint with a refined approach to Mexican cuisine, lots of small plates, lots of awesome. We took this weekend to be domestic and visited the mall, enjoyed a burger from Red Robin and hit up IKEA. How I survived, I have no effin clue. On the way though we read about the passing of DJ AM, it was sad to hear a talented dj who recently dodged death pass on. So above is a little musimix of his I found... enjoy. This week is short for me. Gonna take a vacation and go boating with the lady, SUPER EXCITED. It will be nice to get away for one last taste of summer.

Here are your highlights:

Talking heads this weekend, talked too much about the stupid, The Sunday Morning Come Down

Marvel sold their soul to the devil

Kevin Drum suggests we get back to basics in the health care debate

John Kerry has to go on the teevee and explained what the ATTORNEY GENERAL does

No wonder Angelina Jolie is so messed up, her dad is bat shit crazy

Darth Cheney was given another sit down with the never bias Faux News....Steve Benen rips into the nonsense about "kept the country safe" and the neo-cons holier than though approach to everything


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