Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

What a weekend! What a life! My ninja skills were almost depleted this weekend as Frank Chow is not impervious to 5 hours of solid boozing. Alas I survived and must now rock this week like a metal band on a mission. The truth is I am truly exhausted, I am not sure I have the energy to conduct true ninja analysis of our political stupidity, but I will try folks. I am not defeated. No FRANK NEVER LOSES. Just feel like I have been hungover for three straight days bitchesss.

Here are your highlights:

Erry'body hates Michelle Obama

The weekend's Boxing Round-up, Little Mac gots robbed!

Paul Krugman vs. Neill Ferguson, what is odd about this match up is Ferguson is a historian so he should know that during the Depression when Roosevelt listened to people like him, the country's economy suffered

Say Anything says "Hate Everyone"

Glenn Beck is experiencing that thing people call KARMA

Orin Hatch Wanksta of Utah, why the media keeps putting these guys on the teevee is befuddling, they lie and get reward, make shit up and are rewarded, no wonder the majority of people don't understand the Health Care DEBATE!

While the Texas board of education is spending their time trying to re-write history and promote the lives of Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich, School Districts are cutting bus routes, making it difficult for kids to get to class. With all the talk about bankrupting our children, the truth is they already are, by ruining education in America


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