Monday, August 17, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Dare I say, wow I MISSED A LOT OF CRAZY this weekend. And thank god I might have turned into one of those bleeding heart liberals chucking shoes at the teevee. Oh well, instead I enjoyed a day on boat with the lady and her family. It was just what the doctor ordered, if he could order something for me without jumping through insurance company hoops. The sun was shining on middle America and we got to swim, boat and drink all too much beer. I cannot wait to go back. On another note, let's just jump right in though with the nuts, the nuttier, and the totally awesome CUZ AGAIN THERE WAS A LOT!

Here are your highlights:

The White House has thrown the public option under the fuggin bus, wait they haven't?

Rachel Maddow has and always has been my favorite, here she gets Dick Armey to reveal his true Wingnuttia

You see it's funny because it is soooooo racist

Asian women are not your new trophy wife and Marie Claire article pisses everyone in the Asian Community off

Bob Cesca has a good point, Baucus and the Senate Finance Committee sucks and is not the be all and end all on the public option nor many other elements of health care reform. Reconciliation though does look likely.


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