Friday, August 28, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

So I was stuck at work last night so my brain is wrapped around about ten different ragetastic topics that get my blood bubbling. More to come. But before that one last video, Ted Kennedy making the case for a hike in minimum wage and a truly poignant take down of the Republicans in the Senate. The Liberal Lion was truly one of a kind even with the family tree he had. It can't be said enough we need more like him. Tonight the lady and I are having drinks and Mexican with some friends and then off to another raucous and riotous show. If you get a chance, go to Berlin (wink)

Here are your highlights:

Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame, now an even bigger douche, I didn't think that was possible

There is huffing and puffing right now left and right, but one thing people have missed, Obama has reduced the deficit

The most racist slot machine ever

Farms are being hit by the recession as well, the Department of Agriculture says profits will fall some 38%

I have a joke to tell you, it's a realllll knee slapper. "You see there this guy and he is president and it would be great if we got to tag him like we do the wolves during the hunt! Oh man oh man killing the president is funny. Hunting him like a wolf hilarious!" Rex Rammell and Joe Francis please get into a cage match pronto.


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