Friday, August 21, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Man, what happened last night? Last thing I remember the lady and I were at a comedy show with the great Hannibal Buress and then I am waking up looking for Advil and a gallon of water. That is called FUN! If you get a chance in Chicago every Thursday there is a great room at Chicago Joe's run by the lovely ladies at Riot. Check it out and you won't be dissappointed. Other than that I going to go lay my head on my desk and play with my Mighty Muggs. Hunggggoovvaaa.

Here are your highlights:

President Re-Elect John McCain and the media's lovefest

Usian Bolt is fuggin INSANE!

Britain's biggest jewelry heist: Dudes do not spend the money on pink furs FOR YOUR WIFE!

It is important to understand who are the Uninsured

In the words of Fifty, Eric Cantor is a Wanksta, why he has to be from my home state I will never know!

As much as he was villainized by the right for years, Michael Moore's latest film "Capitalism: A Love Story" looks rather entertaining


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