Friday, August 14, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

IT IS HERE!! FRIDAY!! YESS!!! I had fun last night experimenting with new brushes from other designers catalogs. Above is one the pieces I put together. Not bad if I do rage so myself. This weekend I get away for a day with the lady, then onto a the Final Frontier! Not sure what the future holds, but I hope they Star Trek fans everywhere adopt me into their unique culture. I am still not certain I totally grasp the awesomeness of Star Trek I do, however look forward to learning and performing as one who does.

Here are your highlights:

Netroots Nation 2009 is all the happening in the progressive community, Digby weighs in on the ghots of deficits and Howard Dean is still my Secretary of Health and Human Services

Let's just all conclude Karl Rove will go down in history as one of the most vile apprentices to Darth Cheney of all time

Cartoon of the Day: Stay away from my Health Care YOU GAYS!!!

Senat Finace Committee has no balls whatsoever

Illinois foreclosures, one thing I can't stand about how the reporting has been on the economic crisis is all these stories about the "unfortunate rich" As if the crisis wasn't real till the upper middle and upper class was effected...headslamondesk, anybody want to "deal" with Tent Cities?

Today in the Return of the Douche, Rudy Giuliani

The Republican Death Trip, YES WE CAN! and the NO YOU DON'T!

For all the negative b.s. from the Right about the First Lady Michelle Obama, a classy and standup lass if I do say so, it seems the fashion world understands her and appreciates her tastes. I agree, having worked in fashion and retail for sometime, she is a stunning display of mother and First Lady.


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