Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Donate to Asian American Writer's Workshop

My friends over at the Asian American Writer's Workshop are asking for donations. If you can lend a hand it would be much appreciated. Below is a part of their story:

We believe in nurturing writers of promise, whether they’re Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri, whose first book party we hosted, or a struggling young writer just graduating from high school. As novelist Ed Lin writes:

“Having grown up with the programs and the people of The Asian American Writers’ Workshop, I feel that they’re not only my family but indeed my homeland. The Workshop helped me get my book published. It encourages a lifelong love of writing and reading. It’s a crucial organization not only for our community, but for the ongoing global narrative as well.”

We believe in showing every American, no matter what the color of her skin, that the Asian American story is a central chapter of the American story. We are asking you to invest in our efforts to build a national home for Asian American ideas.

• Last year, we hosted 30% more writers than we did in 2006 and 2007 combined. That’s more than 120 authors from nearly twenty ethnicities.

• My first priority has been putting the Workshop’s house in order. We’re applying for a grant a week. We’ve recruited five new board members, started a young professionals group, and collaborated with 40 different organizations.

• We’re laying the groundwork for the future. We’re working on a website overhaul that’ll turn into a national intellectual center, oral storytelling workshops in Flushing and Brooklyn, and a revamped writer fellowship program with artist residencies at Yaddo and Beijing University.

For more information on how to donate visit there website here

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