Friday, August 14, 2009

Bill Clinton at Netroots Nations answers DADT

Here is former President Bill Clinton in action handling a heckler about Don't Ask Don't Tell. He hits on the historical differences that he faced as President and how sometimes you have to ward off the insane Right to further a progressive agenda. It is amazing how well he answers the questions and recalls what he fought for, but my favorite moment is when he recalls the Gulf War, how many soldiers were kicked out after they served?

I had this discussion Tuesday that in order for Obama and his Administration to really push for LGBT rights whether in the military or in marriage, the change must be permanent. The Right will blast it and try to smear out of the community, Congress and the President for poisoning America, but the truth is inequality poisons America, that is a lesson that should have long been learned. The Administration needs to find away to keep the claws away and forever change this stain in American history. And it is my hope this is what they are working on...there is that word again...

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