Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

It is Wednesday! Yes. Last day before an awesome weekend on a boat and relaxing. Frank needs some time to chill and recharge the batteries......but there is LAUGHING LIBERALLY tonight! So before he does said chillin' and rechargin' he must move through the shadows to watch his fellow liberals crack people up! If you are in the Chicago area there are going to be some kick ass comics, variety acts and cartoon humor. It will be at the socialist, communist, federalist, conservative, liberal, rockstar, french toast eating joint called the No Exit Cafe in Rogers Park. SO CHECK IT OUT, and watch your back, I gots ninja stars for non-laughers.

Here are your highlights:

The point is to push the administration farther left, Krugman I cheer you on

Those "dickweed" bloggers happen to be educated individuals tired of your lying crap, douchebag Dennis Kneale

Forget the reviews, I am going to see Public Enemies

See I have to conclude that right wing DHS report was on point, when you visit sites like Red State and they literally "target" someone and then others like Michael Scheuer who just wish a terrorist attack on America as a point of showing us how "un-American" we really are, with patriots like these who needs terrorists to worry about. The Republican party needs to get further and further away from extremists or we all will have another "lone wolf" McVeigh.


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