Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Hooray for Tuesday, why you might ask because you get Wankers a plenty or as Fifty would call dem Wankstas. Glenn Beck wants to rage and again I am fine with rage, but ummmm congressional questioning didn't happen till today, watch the above folly, classic Winguttia. On another note it is Tuesday so tonight is another gathering of liberal, commie, sosicalist scum, Drinking Liberally. Come on by and you might meet me in my civilian clothes or I might see you while lurking behind the bar like the ninja I am! Muahahaha. (ninja vanish)

Here are your highlights:

Sotomayor live blogging and it is all political THEATER!

C.I.A. and Darth Cheney were all bout PEW PEW, but failed, the NYT tells us how cool that is instead of how illegal and corrupt it was, can we just send this guy to jail already? Speaking of jail Madoff is no longer in pound me in a$$ prison (boom baby transition points)

Sarah Palin left her post as Governor of Alaska to umm write a terrible Op-Ed with exclamation points!!!!!

AOL gives "their" list of the Top 10 Cover Songs and leaves out this and this and this...

The reason I have been so tired and messed up latley is not the booze, but What is in the Chicago Water....painkillers and sex hormones. I am now going to jump into a wall repeatedly since I feel no pain and then hump a lamp post.


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