Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Wow never let your cousins from the burbs convince you it will be a light drinking night....hungova. I have come to the conclusion if you start drinking young in Chicago, you will continue to drink like you are young no matter how old you get. How do these people wake up for work everyday I have no idea. The above is another great video from my friends at HeadzUp, the Health Care Debate is getting heated and the pressure from the Left needs to continue for real reform to occur, but what is with Obama? His staff can't even get the message straight, it does remind me of a quote I once read from Bill Clinton, "you needed to push harder from the Left." The more Obama and the Dems get a nudge, the more the bill can look like the bill America needs. Forget the Repubs, this is not about them it is about the health of our future.

Here are your highlights:

The Fair and Balanced Rupert Murdoch is fairly encouraging unethical and illegal "journalism"

Palin, her resignation, her speeches, her interviews, her governing, Nothing Ever Made Sense

Remeber allllllll that RAGE from the Right trying to finally get at Nancy Pelosi for accusing the CIA of lying, well GUESS WHAT DOUCHE NUGGETS THEY DID LIE

In Chicago we have a dictator Dar Mare Daley and if you don't like he will come after you. His recent obsession is the Olympics and it does not look pretty.

Buffet of Stimulus- I will take 1 entree of infrastructure spending, and 2 sides of listen to economists

Now I use the term self-hating as well (Michelle Malkin especially since she decries her heritage) so at first look I was like no big deal, but this is in a paranoid state of Jewish inferiority, Netanyahu is a neo-con

With Real Americans like these who needs a flag? DeMint and King are two representations of a part of the nation that is in a different world, Wingnuttia!


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