Friday, June 12, 2009

Randolph & Mortimer meet the IMF

I keep having all these video moments. Every time I read something I think of a commercial or movie. This made me think of the Duke Brothers, Randolph and Mortimer a la "Trading Places." I am rather tired and the rage has subsided in me for one day....RAAAGGEEEE

Just kidding, how stupid is this IMF sneak job by the administration?


This story is being ignored because I assume the mainstream media believes the administration will ultimately get its way and pass the supplemental with the IMF money attached. But it's just possible that it won't. And the Democrats who stand in the way will be doing the party a great favor politically. These continued giveaways to wealthy, elite institutions are political poison, which is why the Republicans are positioning themselves (completely disingenuously) on the other side of the big money boyz.

It is amazing how much money we funnel into PEW PEW and the Monopoly guy. Timmeh just kind of asks for more and we hand it over trusting the wealthy guys who messed up in the first PLACE! RAAAGGGE!!! There it is genuine, unhindered RAAAGEGEE!!! I understand that there is valid argument regarding global financial stability. However, if these countries are not forking over the same amount and we do not fix the problem here first, perhaps we can I don't know JUST NOT GIVE THE MONEY OVER ON A PLATTER. The Repubs are trying to twist this into their advantage and it will take some tough people to get the right thing done. And all the jocking by Rahm it down your throat Emanuel is something one has to ignore. Maybe he should focus on regulation, health care and you know reverse the stuff he voted for in the first place *cough war war war.

But hey what do I know I have been stuffing money in a mattress since G-Dub took office. It is called hobo savings and right now I am up to a whopping $4.73 in various forms of change and lint.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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