Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Wednesday

It is hump day ya'll! So here is great home made music video for Phoenix, the song rocks and so does the video.

Tomorrow is a big day for the lady and I, so don't be surprised if tomorrow's Dunkin is chalk full of sappy and romantical references. Pew Pew. Thanks Death Star! Totally shot down that wussy lead in. So there is a bunch going on and I still cannot wrap my brain around yesterday. It went by so quick and all I got was a haircut. A sweet haircut at that. I look like a cast member of Lost, who happens to be Asian as well and a bad ass, if I was to have a movie on Lifetime, he would play me. No doubt and all you would watch that high action, ninja kicking all stereotypes to the ground biopic of me! Directed of course by Ang Lee. I digress.

Here are your highlights:

Health care
is the single biggest policy change needed in this country. The early explanations and signs look promising. One thing that is staggering, the numbers, 46 million uninsured. Almost that many people voted for John McCain in the general election. I need to buy this book.

The Terrorist Won when "Glitter" Bombed, best headline ever

Marc Epstein, self-hating Korean.

Free shooting weekends at the
National Parks, only in America

Geekgasm, Star Wars Clone Wars

Remember all that fuss over Gore v. Bush? Time for the Dems to get some cohones as Pawlenty is planning on blocking the six time elect Al Franken Senator from Minnesota.

Best Fight Out There PERIOD

Start clinging to your guns and Bibles President Barack Obama is going to the Middle East! He is going to his home land and he is going to apologize, visit Mecca and then give the world on the platter to terrorists and brown people. I guess they prefer he lead us into war and clear the place out. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


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