Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Thursday

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RAAAGEEEE!!! Check out this real life Ryu! RAAAGGEEE!! Rain rain and more rain. RAAAGGE!!! I have not seen such crap weather since living in England for a summer. Chicago has more personalities than an theater ex-girlfriend of mine, what's that you still send me flowers on our imaginary anniversary? What's that you named your dog after me? Stop stalking me, I will not be your Zack Morris! Phew had to get that off my chest. Can it be Friday already?

Here are your highlights:

David Letterman responds to criticism and the Palin family. This is great, it was the best way to deal with it. Head on. Many of us comedians can relate to Letterman here and the overreaction from everyone. Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss. Wonder when the Palin's will apologize for all those terrorist and "real American" jokes...oh wait those weren't.

Asians from the home town, throwing it down! Mark Keams wins the primary for Delegate in Virginia's 35th District.

More on the shooter at the Holocaust Musuem- pray for the families, Tapped says what a lot of us have been thinking FEAR THE BROWN PEOPLE

Frank Luntz, the jester of words get PWN'D by Sen. Merkley

If 100 million people want it, it must be wrong....Crooks & Liars

Free Lee & Ling

Obama to make a House Call to the AMA
, the same people who for the past 70 yrs. have said "No" to pretty much every reform

Ezra Klein is turning into my favorite blogger, he talks about starting at the Washington Post and choosing his health care plan. when starting a new job I ran into the same exact problem and have been frustrated since. Health insurance is packaged beautifully, sent to your home and any time you ask your employer you get the same answer, "they both are very good." I prodded because I have certain health issues I have faced over time that need specifics. Off the bat I actually chose the wrong one (even after both the insurance provider and work told me I could visit my particular doctors easily). After a couple of calls, I then was sent back to my doctor to finally be sent to the original doctor I wanted to see. It made no sense. It still makes no sense. And Rockefeller has a "good idea."


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