Monday, June 1, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Monday

It was an interesting and reflective weekend. It seemed to move slow on Saturday, but Sunday was hectic. I had the pleasure of attending a house party for Asian Pacific American for Progress which I will post more on later. Let's get going with the Dunk and the In because WE HAVE A TON OF IT. RAGE, RAGETASTIC, RAAAGE!

Here are your highlights:

Susan Boyle lost, must have been the voters in Arkansas...

China rages with the machines When was the last time America was mentioned with manufacturing and it did not include the words bailout or bankruptcy?

Only in America


Reagan Did It: Krugman gets in to the blame game and names the Holy Holiest of Republican folklore, the Actor, the tree hater, the golden god of conservatism, Ronald Reagan...Krugman must be a racist.

30 most influential Asian Americans under 30

The Trauma of 9/11 is No Excuse, finally someone at the Post says it. I have been waiting for someone to put a opine out explaining what I call the "Lunchboxing of 9/11." Thank you Richard Clarke.

Finally, I will weigh in later on Dr. George Tiller, it is sad and unfortunate turn of events and hopefully an eye opener.



Paddy K said...

Krugman lays the blame on the Reagan administration but neglects to mention the massive increase in demand for mortgages created during the Clinton administration... convenient much?

Not defending Reagan, I just hope Krugman isn't falling into the trap of ignoring the mistakes of "his team." He's too good an economist for that.

Asian-American Pundit said...

From what I can tell he has been equally critical of Clinton and especially has had open battles with good ole Larry, while criticizing the Gramm Leach Bliley Act. I think he was just trying to put a historical time line of when "we" forgot how the Depression started and the over all shift in national economic approach changed. That blame to him lies with Reaganomics.

But yes, I implore you to keep Krugman in line. He is one of the few left we have.

Paddy K said...

Word. I need to steal one of the copies of "Depression Economics" floating around the office.