Friday, May 22, 2009

Your Racist Congressman, Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX)

Louie, Louie woaahhh he gotta go LA LA LA!
Oha Louie Louie woaahhh he gotta go LA LA LA!

It amazes me when you watch this he was searching for about 30 or so racial slurs to throw out there and instead came up with Moogoo gibberish.

Inside the head of Louie Gohmert:

I have to nail this, Texas style. Set them on fire. Like Tom Delay would do. Like all the Dick's would do. All right so Chinky, Chink, Gook that's the Vietnamese, Charlie? No wait that's Vietnamese as well. Chonk, Fortune Cookies, Chopsticks, Slant Eye...ahh fugg it. I will just say that meal I always get at the China Buffet in Angelina County. Now open mouth. There!

Cat! Dog! Are you kidding me? What kind of idiot actually goes on the House Floor to spew this egregiously stereotypical racist bullshiz. RAAAAGGEEE!!! How is the man even allowed to speak? This mumble of racist idiocracy has no place in our political spectrum, yet people keep electing him even after he shows time and time again that he lacks any understanding of the economy and our great nation.

Next time I am in Washington D.C. I am marching up to his office door.

Louie, I am Frank, nice to meet you. I am 6 feet tall and a proud Chinese American. I speak better English than you, actually use my college degree effectively, I am terrible at math, I have never owned a laundry mat, I have never owned a restaurant, I can use chopsticks really well, I eat all kinds of food except Indian it makes me poop, your kid can not beat up my kid, I can use Kung Fu to kill a man with two fingers, I don't wear rice hats, I play the guitar and sing, my father speaks better English than you, I don't have a Fu Manchu, I have never been to China, although I plan on it, I don't own an Iphone, I didn't create the Iphone, I did invent the missionary position, I have been to Texas you don't represent well, No one I know or am related to eats cat or dog, I have never worked on a railroad, I am not a spy, and I am dating your daughter.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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