Friday, May 1, 2009

Wake Up Wake Up It's the First of the Month

It's the first of the month. Man that was fast, speaking of fast what are these guys saying? I give you Bone Thugs N Harmony and some awesomeness. Also, If you want to rock out and have fun there is a show tonight and filming in Chicago that I will be participating in, for more information just email me.

Get your Dunkin', it's today's highlights:

Everyone looks better with a mullet.

The best first round in NBA Playoff History

Souter retires, and everyone calls him leftwing...not really, but let's see how long it takes the filibuster to start. Jon Kill a nomination hitting lead off.

Dick Durbin takes the gloves off, you see he gives them a solid right hook "it's about helping people", but the banksters give a low blow and hits Congress in the barrs.

The media is obsessed with white teenage girls when they go missing and it is disturbing and sad.

Iron Man 2, the Workshop Years


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