Monday, May 18, 2009

Sexism at its finest

So is that she's a woman? Or maybe that she's a woman with an attitude? Or that she is a woman who is a Democrat? Or a woman with power? Or maybe she's a woman who stands up for herself? Or maybe it's a she? Or they don't know how to behave around a strong woman? Or maybe they just really want to sleep with her because "well woman are only good for one thing", but they are grovelling Neanderthals who have no chance in hell because she is a real woman?

Or they are weak minded men destroying rational thought at every turn and pushing blatantly sexist attacks on a Congress WOMAN.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.


Paddy K said...

You're right. The attacks in that video are blatantly sexist and have no place in a political discussion, much less anywhere not involving a whole bunch of dudes swigging beer and playing video games.

So, here's Dana --"The nickname Bush gave me is not printable in a family publication" -- Milbank's take on Speaker Pelosi's rhetorical gymnastics last week:


Paddy K said...

Sorry, that's:

Pelosi's Fancy Footwork