Friday, May 8, 2009

National Day of Prayer?

I am still so baffled by the National Day of Prayer faux debate and Think Progress shows how wonkish this truly is here.

The use by Elisabeth Hasselback speaking of "both" sides, and the contradictory idea of pray when we want to, but have a day to and then the don't "offend" anyone is RAAAAGGGEEETASTIC!!!!!

This whack job of an idea that has ONLY ONLY been apart of our history since 1952 is a bunch of hogwash. Our nation does not need a National Day of Prayer we need a National Day of Players HOLLLAAAAAAAA!!! What what? Can you dig?

We don't need a bunch of people silently praying to their respective Jebus, we need people hollarin and hooparin for the U S A.

CAN YOU FEEL ME?!! I thought so.

Playas Play On is what I say, how about you quit whining about a man making a choice that other President's have made before him and let the dude chill. You let Reagan chill. You let G-Dub the first chill. But then G-Dub had to go all Billy Graham on everyone and make his Jebus a fuggin EVENT.

Playa's where you at? Flava Flav! Sir Mixalot! Hammer time!

The point is National Day of Playas would include stuff getting done for whatever Jebus you gots and well it would include SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

Also included in National Day of Playas

Goverment Blingouts

Video Healthcores

And Snoop Dogg

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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